Cockpit Drill

The words Cockpit Drill should not worry you as it is a routine to make sure that you check everything before starting a journey as it is you the driver who is legally responsible for the car and its passengers.

cockpit drill

When entering your car make sure you check that there is no cyclist or large vehicle that are passing you and wait on the pavement if needed until the hazards have passed. Once you have sat down make sure that your door is shut properly and you should check with your left hand. Also most modern cars will alert you with a sound or a flashing warning light on the dashboard.

The cockpit drill is an absolute essential

  • Manik, 12 yrs at Echo Driving

Accelerator Pedal

The accelerator pedal is operated by the right foot and in its simplest form controls the power from the engine.

accelerator pedal

For example when you press the accelerator pedal you are telling the engine to produce more power and therefore the car goes faster. If you release the accelerator pedal this will reduce speed and slow down the car unless you are going down hill. Instructors unusually refer to the accelerator pedal as ‘gas pedal‘ as when giving instruction it is easy to say. So your Echo driving school instructor might use terms such as 'more gas' which would mean, press the gas pedal harder about a thickness of a pound coin more.

Footbrake Pedal

The brake pedal is also operated with the right foot and the main purpose is to slow the car or completely stop the car.

brake pedal

Clutch Pedal

The clutch pedal is only operated by the left foot. In short when the pedal is pressed down the link between the engine and the driving wheels is broken; this allows you to change gears and stop the car without stopping the engine.

clutch down clutch up

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