Frequently Asked Questions

What documents to bring with you on your first lesson?

Once you have decided which driving school to give your hard earned cash, and have arranged your first driving lesson, there are a few documents that you need to bring with you for your instructor to see. Make sure you take your provisional license including your photo card and your counter part as without this your instructor CANNOT conduct your first lesson and you will have to pay your instructor for that lesson. Also for anyone who needs to wear glasses to drive it is important to have your glasses as your instructor will ask you to read a number plate from 20.5 meters and again it is your reasonability to be able to do this. Finally be prepared for the instructor to drive you to a suitable quite road, which will allow the instructor to demonstrate how you should steer and use your mirrors as an example.

What is the first lesson like?

A typical first lesson will begin by talking about where all the necessary controls are in a car and how a driver will need to adjust his/her driving position to find the most conformable position to drive. This is commonly know as the 'cockpit drill’ which covers setting the seating position, adjusting the mirrors, seat belt and checking the doors are shut properly. Your instructor will explain the hand controls and move onto the foot controls, which include the accelerator, brake and clutch (ABC)

What is P.O.M?

Most first lessons for novice are usually two hour long which allows the instructor to introduce the moving off and stopping routine. You will learn how to move the car using the Prepare, observe and move (POM) routine. The concept of biting and how the clutch work will be discussed and further reading will be recommended. As you progress with the POM routine and understand where it is safe to stop the car, the idea of changing gears will be phased in to aid better and reinforce the MSM routine.

What is better, one hour or two hour driving lessons?

The length of a lesson really depends on the individual student, as instructors will push for two-hour lesson and generally this is the most beneficiary for students. However, if one feels that they find it hard to concentrate after an hour than perhaps ask your instructor to do an hour and half lessons. This will allow you to master the skills a lot quicker.

What if I am nervous?

Having first lesson nervous is only natural, but follows a few simple steps can make the whole experience more enjoy for both the learner and trainer. Read the highway code especially the section on road makings and basic sign reading. Buy the ‘driving the essential skill’ book and read up on the moving off and stopping routine. Practice the pull and push technique with a dinner plate or perhaps watch a ‘you tube’ video on ‘how to steer’ according to DSA standard. The more mentally prepared you become the less nervous

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